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Increase your own value.

You must want to increase the value of your company.  Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading the information on this website.

One of the early things you should do is to examine your own work and try to increase your own output.

You probably wear many hats and do many tasks.  If you are like many managers, you spend a fair amount of time on jobs that "you have to do" and less time on jobs you want to do.  You could be involved in the decision making process of each function that you manager.  Sometimes the operation waits for you to get done with a critical step.  When this happens, you are a bottleneck.  Bottlenecks in management get resolved by the manager working harder and longer while bottlenecks in the operation get resolved by reorganizing, outsourcing and acquiring new resources.

Some managers say, "I'd like to get rid of some of my work but I don't trust my staff with this critical step" or they say, "None of my people are ready to take on this important function."

Every manager should make a short list of jobs that they have to do, jobs that add value and jobs that they want to do.  Every other job should be subject to review.
  1. Some jobs can broken into parts with the repetitive, easy part being done by a subordinate and the final, review and decision making being done by the manager.
  2. Some jobs can be subcontracted out when the cost of subcontracting is reasonable.
  3. Some decisions (for example those under $1000) can be delegated, taking care of many small issues.
  4. Calculations should be done by administrative assistants, clerks or analysts.
  5. Meetings can be shortened, eliminated or attended by a subordinate.
  6. Empower people to take initiatives when that makes sense.
  7. Keep track of interruptions that take more than 15 minutes.  Once a week, analyze the list and decide how to eliminate or reduce the interruptions.

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 Are your objectives to:

     Increase Sales?

     Increase Productivity?

      Improve Management?
      Improve your business?

     Train your managers?

      Manage your own time?

 We can help!

 Do you use the following Techniques:

      Management by Objective?

     Strategic Planning?
      Resource Management?

     Time Management?

      ISO 9001?

     Process Control?

      Continuous Improvement?

     Project Management?

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These are management techniques that can be used to get better control and better results.

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