If you want to hire a consultant, hire us!  But if you decide to hire someone else, we can manage them for you.  Managing a consultant means getting the most out of the consultant.  Here are the consulting services that we can manage for you.


Think in terms of form, methods and results.

Forms of Service 

Service can be delivered in many different forms from strategic planning, which is brainstorming, to implementation which is setting up and carrying out a targeted project.

Strategic Planning - the purpose is to select objectives and initiatives that a customer will later plan and implement.   

Project Planning (design)- the purpose is to determine what specific steps are required to get a project done and to provide clear work instructions to the customer's management and staff.

Project Management - the purpose is to oversee the execution of a project.  This may include assignment of personnel, selection of subcontractors (if any), troubleshooting, expediting, supervision, reporting, documentation, testing and monitoring results.

Training - The purpose is to train the customer's management in new techniques.  Includes articles, work sheets, forms and tests. 

Documentation - Documentation includes the explanation of an existing system or procedure or the summarization of a new idea or technique.

Implementation - hands on execution of an agreed project to be carried out by a consultant providing performance, documentation and verification of a project within set timing and for a set fee.

Methods of Service

Management by Objective - (1) Pick an Objective, Choose promising initiatives, Plan and Implement, Track the results. or (2) Set daily objectives, evaluate results, modify operations to reduce fluctuations and increase results.

Resource Management - Examine people and machines to find excess capacity, inefficient uses, bottlenecks, wasted time and misemployed people.  Plan and correct.

Time Management - Improve consistency and order to improve time usage.

Process Control - Monitor, evaluate and modify operations to improve results.

Cause and Effect - If you know how a process works, you can make it work better and faster.

Documentation - Improve procedures with clear, concise manuals.


Increase sales - set a goal, take appropriate action, track results.

Increase Productivity - get more production per hour.

ISO 9001 - get certified with manuals and training.

Improve Quality - reduce rework, scrap and customer complaints

Improve Control - reduce last minute deadlines, monitor functions / results, improve consistency, document procedures, re-organize.

Improve Timing - track and correct overcapacity situations, organize for fast turnaround and special orders, eliminate office slowdowns, have a contingency plan for overloading.

Mergers - Merge two offices or companies.  Understand the operating procedures of two entities in order to synchronize operations. 

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Jay Jacobus Consulting
One of the complaints about consultants is that they milk a job.  This means that they intentionally take too long getting the job done. 

Some consultants get bogged down in activities and lose sight of the goal. 

There are ways to avoid this.

You can hire us for one day, one project or specific results.  Call us at 973-537-7388.


You should make sure that other consultants are results oriented.

You might require a plan from the consultant.  The plan should be in the form of a checklist, flowchart or schedule and should have definite dates.  A schedule of payments should be based on accomplishing milestones and not on time or an estimate of percent completed.