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Get practical management skills without leaving town.

What you don't learn in Business College. 

Typically managers hire workers, set up work spaces, buy equipment, set up procedures, make instructions, train and observe the results.  If their results don't work well, they modify the procedures, instructions, equipment or workers.  Many managers do this without any training.  They use their common sense and their experience to guide them.  If they want to gain skills, they often take courses at a college.  Some people get an MBA.

Colleges offer scholarly courses: probability and statistics, accounting, information technology, finance, decision analysis, economics, human resources and more.   Unfortunately the information is not often presented with a practical emphasis.  While scholarly courses are useful for analysis something is missing.

What is missing is a the way to turn the college courses into more profit, better productivity and more sales.  The courses, to be effective should cover straightforward techniques that change your company for the better.

Here is a list of techniques that we use to show you how to increase profits.
organizing for effective management
resource management
process control
strategic planning
zero-based planning
using excess capacity
management by objective
cost-benefit analysis
reducing waste
project management.

A typical 2 semester college course can cost $3600 (per student) and require time and travel.  We charge much less.

Get an Introductory course for just $399.   That's a savings of $3201 over the typical cost of a 2 semester college course.

We bring the course to you and we have a
Guarantee!  You must be satisfied or your money back.
We also make on site visits to implement any any or all of the techniques
from Jay Jacobus Consulting
 Are your objectives to:

     Increase Sales?

     Increase Productivity?

      Improve Management?
      Improve your business?

     Train your managers?

      Manage your own time?

 We can help!

 Do you use the following Techniques:

      Management by Objective?

     Strategic Planning?
      Resource Management?

     Time Management?

      ISO 9001?

     Process Control?

      Continuous Improvement?

     Project Management?

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These are management techniques that can be used to get better control and better results.

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