You are loosing profits if your managers don't know the best management techniques.

Managers get results.  Without managers, companies are groups of people doing their own thing in their own way. 

Managers increase profits.
Managers maintain control.
Managers make improvements.

Of the three results, increasing profit is the most important goal of every manager.  Sometimes this goal is stated directly and sometimes it is implied but it is always the primary reason for a manager's service.

Overall the benefit of management is profit and the cost is the salaries of the managers.

If the company profit is $1,000,000 and the salaries of the management team are $250,000, then the cost-benefit is $250,000- $1,000,000. 

The senior executive should ask himself, "How can I get more benefit from the same cost or how much can I increase the benefit for any new money I spend on management?"

This is where we come in.

At a cost, that is a fraction of your managers' salaries, we provide instruction and guidance that will hit your bottom line and bring new understanding to your management.

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from Jay Jacobus Consulting
 Are your objectives to:

     Increase Sales?

     Increase Productivity?

      Improve Management?
      Improve your business?

     Train your managers?

      Manage your own time?

 We can help!

 Do you use the following Techniques:

      Management by Objective?

     Strategic Planning?
      Resource Management?

     Time Management?

      ISO 9001?

     Process Control?

      Continuous Improvement?

     Project Management?

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These are management techniques that can be used to get better control and better results.

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