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Strategic Planning

When sales fall off, companies typically do one of two things:
They increase their sales and marketing activity or they reduce operations.

The right solution is to increase sales and marketing activity but doing more of the same sales and marketing activities will not usually succeed.

We recommend strategic planning in cases where large increases are desired.

Strategic planning includes choosing an objective (increasing sales by 30% for example), listing every conceivable initiative and then brainstorming.

Mistakes that are made during strategic planning always arise from companies picking the wrong initiatives.  Management should be confident that the initiatives they pick will actually work.

Here are some guidelines:

* Pick 2, 3 or 4 initiatives - doing only 1 initiative puts all  eggs in one basket.

* Don't choose an initiative too quickly - Consider the pros and cons of all initiatives before deciding.

* Estimate the cost and effort to do the most promising initiatives.

* Estimate the expected results of each initiative.

* Weigh the costs and anticipated benefits of each initiative.

* Choose the most favorable initiatives

Once the initiatives are chosen, make project plans. 

It is important to follow the guidelines.  If an outside marketing company is pushing a particular approach, make sure that you do a cost-benefit analysis

The process is not difficult but will take skill to do it right. 

We offer guidance for a very reasonable amount ($399 for 1 on-site visit and even less for phone consultations).

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Sales Outline
 Are your objectives to:

     Increase Sales?

     Increase Productivity?

      Improve Management?
      Improve your business?

     Train your managers?

      Manage your own time?

 We can help!

 Do you use the following Techniques:

      Management by Objective?

     Strategic Planning?
      Resource Management?

     Time Management?

      ISO 9001?

     Process Control?

      Continuous Improvement?

     Project Management?

     Send a letter to the editor

These are management techniques that can be used to get better control and better results.

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