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Management Review
One of management's responsibility under the ISO Quality Management
System is to periodically evaluate how the system is functioning and decide
what to do to make it better.

In a management review meeting, the attendees will discuss the results of
each procedure and decide if the results are excellent, good, fair or poor.  If
they are below excellent, the weaknesses should be identified and changes
chosen to correct the shortcomings.    Some managers seek to solve
individual problems but these problems should be handled by the procedures
on a daily basis.  If they are not being handled daily, then something is wrong
with the management system and one or more of the procedures should be
changed or training needs to be done.

Below is a section from a Management Review Procedure.  After reading
this foreword, you should be able to rewrite the procedure with a more
appropriate emphasis.

Management Review

1.1.1        The management review team performs quarterly reviews to evaluate the continuing suitability and effectiveness of the QMS in satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001, the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives.

1.1.2        The Management Representative schedules the meeting and notifies team members.

1.1.3        The Management Representative collects data and summary reports and provides copies to the members of the management review team one week before the scheduled meeting.

1.1.4        The Management Representative prepares an agenda for each meeting that includes:

a)        Review of QMS Monitoring, Measuring and Analysis Table and related data and summaries

b)        Follow-up actions from previous management reviews,

c)        Planned changes that could affect the quality management system,
d)        An evaluation of the continuing suitability of the Quality Policy and Objectives.

1.1.5        Management analyzes the data, identifies improvement opportunities and assigns action items, preventive actions and corrective actions as appropriate.

1.1.6        Management updates the table with new quality objectives and improvement goals as appropriate to achieve continual improvement.

1.1.7        Minutes are taken at each meeting, recording discussions, decisions and actions and due dates assigned. Data and reports that are reviewed are attached to the minutes of the management review meeting.

1.1.8        The minutes, with attached data and reports, are maintained as a record of management review.
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