Sales In a Nutshell

Control your sales and marketing.
Measure, evaluate and modify (when necessary.)

A. Measure the results.  # of sales, # of quotes or # of new customers
B. Evaluate the results.
        1.  If the # of sales or the # of quotes or the # of new customers is good, then
           continue with the existing sales activities.
        2.  If the # of sales or # of quotes or # of new customers is not good, then
           evaluate the sales activities.
        a.  Temporary slow down: determine the temporary problem, correct
            the problem and modify the sales system to prevent recurrence.
        b.  Ongoing slow down:
                i.   Evaluate the effectiveness of sales resources.  Modify if necessary.
                ii.  Evaluate the effectiveness of sales processes. Modify if necessary.
                iii  Consider a new sales and marketing campaign. (See below)

Improve sales and marketing results.
Management by objective:  Increase sales by X%

A. Strategies
              1.  Brainstorm ideas
                a.  Penetration (increase sales to existing customers)
                b.  Expansion (new territories, new industries or new products)
                c.  Advertising Mediums (magazines, web sites, networking, e-mails, etc.)
                d.  Distribution Channels (retail, distributors, direct, catalog, customize,  etc.)
                e.  Target markets  (Industrial, military, consumers, medical, etc.)
        2.  Feasibility Study - will the selected plan work?
                     a.  Cost
                     b.  Expected Results (projected results)
                     c.  Sensitivity Analysis (worst case scenario)                         
B. Plan
        1.  Determine the tasks that need to be accomplished
              2.  List the resources that need to used.
              3.  Create a checklist, flowchart and/or schedule
              4.  Write instructions for implementation.
              5.  Make financial estimates.
              6. Get plan approved
C. Implement - follow the instructions

D. Monitor Results
1. Continue if the results are good.
             2. Modify the project if the results are not up to expectations

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