Are your objectives to:

     Increase Sales?

     Increase Productivity?

      Improve Management?
      Improve your business?

     Train your managers?

      Manage your own time?

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We say, "Follow our lead and you will grow faster and earn higher profits."

We strive to be the easiest way for you to improve your business.  We want you to get more sales, work more effectively and (as a result) bring in more profit. 

There are two basic ways that companies can reach their goals.  One is through changes in everyday practices.  The other is through projects that will increase sales, productivity, quality and profit.

First, let's consider everyday practices.  These are the basic techniques that managers use to run their operations.

In addressing everyday practices a manager should seek control over his operation.  Every executive should say to every one of his managers, "First and foremost, I want you to control your operation."  In other words, a smoothly operating department is an important goal each manager should have because:

If an operation is not well controlled, a company can lose 5%, 10% or even 15% to inconsistent results!

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We bring useful management techniques to our customers through on site analysis and training.  We install management  procedures that are straightforward and effective.  And if you rent-a-manager, you will see changes from the first day onward.

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While control is an admirable goal, it is not the only goal that a manager should have.  His other goal should be improvement.

For an operation that is not well controlled, installing management procedures will create improvement, but this is operational improvement, not strategic improvement.  Strategic improvement comes from setting sights on some remarkable objective and employing project management techniques to make the objective.

The following is a list of 5 possible objectives:

25% increase in sales
5% increase in productivity
50% reduction in non-conformances
30% reduction in unused capacity
20% more cash flow

None of these goals are obtainable by simply improving management techniques.  Instead the skilful manager should seek projects that will provide the desired results.

Improvement should be easy!  Just do strategic planing, project planning and implementation.  1 - 2 - 3.

The hang up most companies have (if they have a hang up) is spending too little time on the strategic planning stage.  Often companies pick their projects way too earlier without thinking of all the good ideas and considering the feasibility and projected success of each possibility.

Sometimes a company that wants to increase sales will simply do more of what it did in the past.  They will hire more salesmen or increase their advertising or do more mailings or call customers more often.

The best idea is to think of the best ideas.  Do not leap at the first idea to come up.  Take time to think up and research all possible ideas.   If you can't think of ideas, send for my free list as follows:

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 Do you use the following Techniques:

      Management by Objective?

     Strategic Planning?
      Resource Management?

     Time Management?

      ISO 9001?

     Process Control?

      Continuous Improvement?

     Project Management?

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These are management techniques that can be used to get better control and better results.

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